A Guide to Granite Countertops


A countertop is also known as benchtop, worktop or kitchen bench. It is the horizontal work surface in kitchens or other food preparatory areas, lavatories as well as workrooms. They are installed so that they get supported by cabinets. These countertops are made from different materials. The most used material in the making of these countertops is the granite. Granite has different colors. Therefore, granite countertops are the absolute appearance stopper for our kitchen. They are durable, easy to maintain and very beautiful. They come in various colors which are arranged in different elegant patterns. They add to the beauty of the kitchen.

Examples of these granite countertops include the Bordeaux Dream which has a bright cream shade and brown blending well with dark and light colored cabinets. It has beautiful slate and russet veins which matches with the white cabinets. They are excavated in Brazil. Click here for some more ideas.

Another type is the Black Galaxy granite which is very shining. It blends well with light colored kitchens. These are mined in India. They are unique as they have golden flecks on their surfaces. They can suite with any background.

Mascarello granite is composed of blacks, rusts, and golden shades which are very dramatic. They suite well with maple, oak and cherry cabinets. They also blend with the wooden cabinets. Stainless sinks, faucets and copper range hoods blend well with these countertops.

Another type of granite countertops from granitefabricatordirect.net is the caravels gold.it is an excellent mixture of browns, soft creams, and greys. These combinations form veins which swirl throughout the surface. They pay elegantly with gray and pewter cabinets. These patterns are very attractive to the kitchen.

 Another common type of granite countertops is the ganache granite. This is very lavish. They are creamy and thick hence can blend with chocolate cabinets. Others may include gray mist granite and rocky mountain granite. There are several reasons as to why people should choose to install these granite countertops to their kitchens. They are aesthetic and functionally appealing to the eyes. Granite is visually attractive, colorful and they do not go out of style. They give the kitchen a unique and extra personality. For more facts and info about Granite Countertops, Visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=–h-d6EVvkg.

These materials are very durable as they can withstand vast amounts of pressure, heat, and water. They can potentially last forever. They do not require constant maintenance hence they maintain the brand new shape throughout. They are very easy to clean due to its durability.

Variety is another reason as to why you can decide to choose countertops made from granite. They come in lots of colors, designs, and sizes which can make the appearance of your kitchen very attractive.  They are very natural. This rock is naturally found in the environment.

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